About FORMULATOR Software, LLC

FORMULATOR Software, LLC, is a privately held company established as a Business Partner of ColorTec Associates, Inc. 

FORMULATORô Software is a developer and manufacturer of software for the formulation chemist, food technologist and regulatory agent. The company is based in Clinton , New Jersey , USA .  

Since 1984 ColorTec has developed and marketed software via custom developers for color QC, color mixing and laboratory applications and full ERP solutions for batch processing industries.  The FORMULATORô suite was launched by ColorTec in 2002. FORMULATOR Software, LLC was formed late 2005 to expand our efforts to become a dedicated supplier of specialty software to the formulator, food technologist and regulatory agent.

FORMULATOR Software is constantly striving to provide users with efficient and up-to-date tools for materials development, testing and calculation as well as data processing, data exchange, and the capability to provide the small business venture with all of the tools to meet their business needs. The current product line is an expanded suite of third generation Windows software. It builds on the expertise gained over the years serving batch manufacturing industries.  We continue to grow FORMULATOR by providing new software tools.  Our strength has been our flexibility in adapting to the needs in the multiple industries we serve including chemicals, food, cosmetics and drugs OTC.

Continually increasing sales and a satisfied customer base prove that the emphasis on intuitive design, top quality standards and strong commitment to provide high quality technical support meet the requirements of the fast growing group of satisfied  customers.

FORMULATOR Software products are now in operation or on test in more than 30 countries around the world.  

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For more information about FORMULATOR Software, LLC contact Jim DeGroff, Managing Partner, jdegroff@formulatorus.com