ProductionMgr 1

Fill tickets can be created for all or some of the bulk amount or created alone to package bulk inventory. Production Manager handles batch corrections, multiple process steps, adjustments to QC testing results and batch completion with full, partial or optional lot tracking by selective lot tracked materials.

ProductionMgr 2

Batch Tickets are created using the master formula from the Formulation listing Once the Batch Ticket is created a batch ticket with associated QC test requirements can be created.  If the batch requires formulation modification for this batch only the user can select the batch editor option and modify materials as well as add materials including rework of batches in inventory. Lot selection of raw materials can be identified when creating the batch ticket or can be identified when the batch is completed.  Raw materials and Bulk Production can be managed in multiple units of measure in Inventory Manager.  Selective lot tracking is available at every step during the production process.

ProductionMgr 3

Fill Tickets are used to pack off bulk batch production.  They can be created before sizing the bulk requirements and the batch can be sized by the amount of material to be filled into one or more container sizes.  The total batch amount can exceed the fill requirements or a bulk amount of product can be made and filled as a later step in one or more fill steps.  The package requirements are created as componentsor as a bill of materials.  Package components are managed as each items in Inventory Manager.


Production Planner is a utility supplied with FORMULATOR's Production and Inventory modules.  It will display all outstanding Production Batches, Fill Tickets and if committed to a start date, allow the User to sort by date and create a production and packaging schedule.  The line items link directly into the batch and fill ticket records for easy navigation.

ProductionMgr 5

Material Requirements are then calculated from inventory records driven by the formulas and Bills of Materials of the open batch and fill tickets.  This function only works if the user has both the Production and Inventory modules.  If the User only has the Production module only the Production Scheduler will be displayed.

ProductionMgr 5

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