This technology is for Formulator batch manufacturing accounts that are interested in limited or full control of their inventory from receipt of materials, storage, moves, linked to batch production, filling, and shipments. BellHawk provides the tools to manage and control inventory and production operations with barcode technology.

Formulator will be used in the lab to develop new and revised formulas, test and approve new raw materials, create finished products including container components. When ready to inventory and produce products the data would be sent to the BellHawk database which can be linked to a variety of ERP and Accounting solutions. Cost of raw materials can be captured in the BellHawk data exchange from the Accounting system and sent to Formulator to insure that the Formulating Chemist or Food Technologist is working with the latest cost while developing formulas and recipes.

The following diagram shows the extensive options available with BellHawk technology. A review of the features and functions of BellHawk technology is available by contacting the Formulator Sales Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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