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Why Consider FORMULATOR Nutrient Version?

  • Links to the Core FORMULATOR Lab-Book Features and Functions
  • Raw Materials Maintenance, import from USDA nutritional database
  • Nutritional Properties Maintenance
  • Allergen  tables by raw materials and recipes
  • Units of Measure Maintenance tables based on cc and gram conversions links to serving size
  • Formula Nutritional Performance Calculation based on Nutritional Properties
  • Nutritional Label development and output 
  • Analyzer develops complete nutrient supplement label objectives relative to dosage
  • Analyzer adds nutrient fortification to existing recipes
  • Speeds Recipe development, modification and improvement.
  • See the explosion of pre-mixes at multi-level, as well as the Sum of Components of a full recipe (formula)
  • Display multiple formulas side by side then modify and edit selected formula components
  • Integrates with most ERP Manufacturing data bases using INTEGRATOR development tools


System Functions


FORMULATOR Nutrient Version includes all of the features and functions of the core Lab-Book plus and adds additional functions for the Food Technologist and Nutritional Supplement Formulator. It provides a dynamic set of calculation and data manipulation tools to aid in the development and testing of new rescipies, testing of new materials and improvement of current formula performance. The data can be integrated with most transactional ERPprograms utilizing ODBC databases. The Nutrient Version adds a series of nutritional add-on data (USDA Nutritional Database), Nutrient Label designer, Allergen tables, Nutrient set-up and Label output, Analyzer to automate the creation of  Nutrient Supplements and Fortify existing recipies.


Nutrient Calculation Functions  

As a Formula is developed the program calculates the algebraic sum of the raw materials nutrients. Tools are supplied to identify material loss and changes in Nutrients in the process that will change the final Nutrient level of the final recipe. Nutrients are calculated based on portion size based on each nutrients’ weight % within the formula. Multiple portion sizes can be created to meet labeling requirements.  Additional nutritional supplements can be added to fortify an existing recipe. Calories are calculated as the formula is developed.  Allergens in raw materials drive the final recipe allergen statement results.


Nutritional Recipe Development

FORMULATOR™Nutrient version is designed for food, beverages, feeds and even nutrient supplements! The softwareis supplied with all of the tools to build your materials data base, create the nutrient files and allergen logic, decide which enhance weight and volume conversions you will use at all levels of calculation, document your quality control tests and make them part of the formula development and testing program. User functions can be set by the primary user to limit changes to critical functions. Formulate in quantities or % weight and switch between methods. Calculate cost by unit of measure or package size as you formulate. Calculate nutrients by serving size then output the Nutrient Fact Label and Supplement Label to your specification. Tied with our Product Label features you can also output the Product Label prototype. Send the Product Label file with the Nutrient Fact Label file to your package design team for final packaging concept and design.


Formula Compare Functions

Formula Compare allows the user to select any number of recipes (formulas) to compare materials and quantities at top level on a % weight or % volume basis.  The user can explode the intermediates which will combine with the same materials at all levels and output the formula in the basic components as required for nutrient calculations and label output.   The User can edit one or more selected formulas from the compare screen, save and see the comparative results of the reformulation.



Formulator Nutrient ANALYZER

Nutrient ANALYZER is a set of unique software tools that allow the user to meet multiple specific nutrient objectives for defined recipes and formulations.  The User creates raw materials with nutritional values based on portion size or dosage.  For new Nutrient Supplement formulas the initial formulation is created from a series of quantity objectives by nutrients which are entered in the “Objectives” section.  Based on multiple material nutrient contents, ANALYZER automatically formulates the product to meet multiple specific nutrient performance targets.  Existing recipes can be called up and fortified with specific nutrient supplemental or food materials.


As the Formulation (Recipe) is created or modified the data is gathered from the nutrient values of the raw materials and the mathematical engine balances the formula to meet the identified multiple nutritional objectives.  ANALYZER allows the Supplement Formulation Chemist and Food Technologist to quickly modify formulas and recipes, balance the output and create new formulations per portion size or dosage for Foods, Beverages and Nutrient Supplements.  Formulation dosage for nutrient supplements can transfer to a series of preconfigured capsules and tablet fills.

Nutrient & Supplemental


Label Designer is a set of software tools that allow the user to create as many variant Nutrient and Supplement labels as desired.  Once the master template is created the user can output formula labels as the formulas and recipes are created or modified.  Template design can be limited to selected users.  Template output can be available by setting user rights in the security set-up section.

In Designer mode, the Designer half of the window is on the left, while the generator is on the right.  The following example is reduced in size in order to illustrate the various areas:



As the Formulation (Recipe) is created or modified the data is developed to create a standardized Nutrient and/or Supplement Label. Tools are provided to over-ride calculated quantities and allow the user to output based on reportable calorie quantities. Portion or Dosage amounts are user definable as are many other features of the Nutrient Label. This feature is designed to be a working tool and not the final product label which may be output to be modified to meet branding and design objectives.


Formula Cost Analysis

Formula Cost analysis allows the user to build a variety of Packaging Bills of Materials (BOM), show the product fill amounts automatically filling from the formula, adding Labor and Overhead costs.  This analysis also creates the final product Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).  By adding margin goals a first order of pricing is calculated.


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